Six Reasons Why it’s Important to Have a Sump Pump with a Battery Backup System

Water in basement

Did you know according to the American Society of Home Inspectors, over 60% of American homes suffer from dampness below the ground? Pittsburgh area homeowners are even more likely to experience a flooded basement at some point, or smaller leaks that can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Moist basements can foster the development of mold and mildew, both associated with various health and respiratory hazards.

Here are six reasons why it’s important to have a sump pump with a battery backup system installed in your basement. 

1-Flood Prevention

Sump pumps are crucial for preventing basement flooding. This is especially true for locations prone to heavy rainfall or rapid snowmelt. A properly functioning sump pump reduces the risk of water damage by diverting water away from your property's foundation.

Sump Pump

2-Power Outages

Power outages often coincide with severe weather events, precisely when sump pumps are needed the most! A battery backup system ensures continuous operation during power failures, maintaining protection against flooding.

3-Frequency of Power Outages

The increasing demand for electricity, combined with the limitations of the country's energy infrastructure, heavily contributes to the growing frequency of power disruptions. Weather patterns and severe weather events are of course major causes of outages as well.

 4-Increased Risk During Storms

When storms occur, there is a heightened chance of flooding or power outages, both of which can impact your basement. Having a properly waterproofed basement helps prevent potential damage. A sump pump with a battery backup system provides peace of mind during heavy storms. 

moisture on wall basement waterproofing

5-Financial Consequences of Flooding

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), just one inch of water in a home can cause more than $25,000 in damage. While it’s great to have flood insurance, it is also equally important to prevent flood damage from happening initially. Sump pumps help keep your basement and foundation dry and healthy. Sump pumps are essential when water seepage is a regular occurrence and are used to prevent dampness when the water table is above the foundation of your home. 

Moreover, a battery backup system provides even more assurance when unforeseen circumstances occur, such as a power outage. A sump pump with a battery backup system can save you thousands of dollars!

6-Insurance Coverage

We mentioned flood insurance in the previous section, but did you know that homeowners and renter’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage? A sump pump and battery backup system are a proactive measure that can mitigate potential losses and protect your property investment.

Our Sump Pumps

Advanced Basement Solutions specializes in replacing and installing new sump pumps for homes, aiming to eliminate existing water problems and guarantee a fully livable and healthy basement environment. Our team of waterproofing specialists is certified through the Basement Health Association, a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about water diversion, waterproofing, and structural repair.

For more information on the sump pumps we install, please contact us!

Our Battery Backup System

We offer the Blue Angel Battery Backup Sump Pump system, providing unparalleled peace of mind when the power goes out. This premium, quiet system ensures hours of reliable protection for your basement during power outages. 

For more details on this exceptional system, feel free to reach out to us.

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The importance of having a sump pump with a battery backup system is underscored by the need for continuous flood prevention, especially during power outages and severe weather events, which are statistically common and pose significant financial risks to homeowners.

If you are interested in learning more about our waterproofing solutions, please contact us. Our certified specialists are happy to offer free inspections and reasonable rates.