Gutter Clean Up


Did you know that one of the ways that water can get into your home is by improper drainage from your gutters and downspouts? Gutters don’t just keep water off of your roof—gutters and downspouts also redirect water away from your soil. When soil expands and contracts, it can cause pressure on your home’s foundation,…

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What’s New at Advanced Basement Solutions


As we enter spring, what better time than now to share some exciting website updates as well as our assurance to you for a safe and healthy working environment during the ongoing pandemic? Website News First, if you haven’t seen our newest video on “resolutions for water intrusion,” check it out on our website or…

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All About Gutter Ice Dams


If you’re like most people who live in the north and northeast of the United States, you’re looking forward to green grass, budding trees, and birds chirping in the morning once we thaw out from winter; but, as warmer temperatures bloom, melting snow and ice tend to be on the horizon, as well. When the…

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Environmental Effects on Your Foundation

Have you ever wondered what causes foundation damage? If you are concerned you have foundation issues or want peace of mind before winter comes to ensure that you don’t have foundation issues, contact us! Freezing and Thawing A common issue that causes cracks in the foundation is the freezing and thawing of water in the…

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Our Updated Safety Precautions 

Our goal is to offer the best quality waterproofing and structural repair services at a reasonable cost, while always putting our customers first. Advanced Basement Solutions has always been and continues to be committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our employees and customers. In addition to our normal safety precautions, we…

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Advanced Basement Solutions and COVID-19

To our valued customers, colleagues, and friends, With the coronavirus (COVID-19) changing almost everything about our daily lives, we wanted to write and assure you that we are still able to serve and meet your waterproofing and structural needs as we have for over 17 years.  We are taking all necessary actions to ensure the…

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How to Raise a Sinking Foundation with Push Piers

The foundation is the most important part of your house. So when you notice that it’s sinking, immediate action is needed to prevent further and more costly damage! Before we dive into solutions, let’s first discuss some of the common causes of a sinking foundation. More times than not, improper construction or unstable soil are…

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Why Do You Need a Battery-Operated Sump Pump?

It’s a dark and stormy night…Yes, that’s how most horror stories start out and yes, that’s how many basements become flooded, too! A flooded basement is a scary thought and for some, it’s a scary reality especially when the electric sump pump stops working and becomes as useful as a light bulb in a power…

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