Signs of a Sinking Foundation

If you notice your foundation begin to bow, crack, shift, or sink, it poses a significant threat to the property's structural integrity. Factors like water damage, weather fluctuations, aging, and settling can gradually weaken them, leading to problems like bowing, cracking, sinking, shifting, or even collapse.

Common signs of a sinking foundation are:

  • Visible Cracks on Interior Walls or Outside Structural Walls
  • Nail Pops or Hairline Tears in the Walls or Ceilings
  • Windows or Doors that Stick or are Hard to Open or Close
  • Leaning Chimney
  • Uneven Floors

For more information on causes for a sinking or shifting foundation and signs to look for, click here.

wall cracks - signs of sinking foundation

The Solution for a Sinking Foundation

Grip-Tite® Piering System System for Sinking Foundations

The Grip-Tite® Piering System safely and economically stabilizes a building’s foundation, thereby minimizing future settlement. The Grip-Tite® Piering System utilizes hydraulically driven steel columns and a rugged foundation bracket to transfer the structural load to deep, dense soil or bedrock. The end-bearing push pier system is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Moreover, this system installs quickly with small equipment and in areas of limited or tight access. When compared to other driven pile systems, the Grip-Tite® Piering System proves superior due to its ability to reach greater depths and load-bearing soil. This system comes with an ICC Certification. 

sinking foundation
sinking foundation equipment
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sinking foundation equipment


End-bearing pier that does not rely on friction for capacity

Each pier load tested during installation

Ability to reach greater depths using a starter tube with friction collar

High-strength steel pier sections and sleeved couplings have high resistance to bending

Long life span, resistance to corrosion  (in moderate soils more than 100 years)

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