All About Gutter Ice Dams

gutter ice dams

If you’re like most people who live in the north and northeast of the United States, you’re looking forward to green grass, budding trees, and birds chirping in the morning once we thaw out from winter; but, as warmer temperatures bloom, melting snow and ice tend to be on the horizon, as well.

When the weather changes and temperatures rise, be on the lookout for gutter ice dams. Gutter ice dams form when precipitation freezes in your gutters and begins to melt. This can cause damage, movement, and deterioration to your home’s gutters, downspouts, roof, interior walls, and even your foundation.

Problems Caused by Gutter Ice Dams

Did you know that one of the most common reasons that water enters a home is due to improper drainage from gutters and downspouts?

Gutters and downspouts redirect water away from your soil. When gutters and downspouts are clogged (with debris or ice), this can lead to over-saturated soil around the perimeter of your home. When over-saturated soil expands and contracts, it can cause unnecessary pressure to your home’s foundation.

As ice melts, water can also seep through windows and onto insulation and drywall inside the home. This moisture can ultimately cause hidden mold.

How Can I Prevent Ice Dams?

It is important to ensure gutters and downspouts are free of ice and debris to guarantee proper flow of water away from the house’s foundation, even during winter. During the fall season, it is especially important to clean your gutters to remove any fallen leaves or other debris so that the gutters are clear before winter.

Gutters and downspouts act as a first line of defense against water infiltrating your home. Having water continuously drip and flow close to the foundation can cause the foundation to deteriorate and/or shift.

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