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Bowed Wall Repair

Repair Cracks in Your Foundation

You may have noticed that you have cracks in your basement walls or cracks in your exterior brickwork. You may also have bowed walls, cracks in drywall, a sinking foundation and doors and windows that no longer properly align. These are all signs of foundation damage. Pressure that builds up around the bottom of your house due to hydrostatic pressure can cause problems in the interior and exterior of your house—and in every room, not just the basement. An Advanced Basement Solutions certified foundation specialist can look at the damage and determine how best to control and stabilize your foundation, so that the shifting and bowing is stabilized.

Wall Anchors

Wall Anchor - The Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor System utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls. The system works on several kinds of basement walls - concrete block, clay block or poured concrete. The system consists of an interior wall plate, an exterior soil anchor and a connecting steel rod to stabilize foundation walls by counteracting pressure exerted against the wall. The system is a property owner's alternative to completely removing and rebuilding basement walls that have become cracked, leaning or bowed as a result of pressures exceeding the allowable design capacity of the wall. The Grip-Tite® Wall Anchors are spaced in different locations along a wall and rod extenders can be used to avoid decks, flowerbeds and other landscaping.


Installing The Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor System usually takes less than one day, and the technicians will leave your home and lawn as it was before the installation. Because the system works with the wall and ground, structural changes to your house are unnecessary. Whether the cracking or bowing is caused by hydrostatic pressure, expansive soil or another problem, don't risk the investment in your home by failing to address the issue.



Bowed Wall Repair


  • Minimal excavation or disturbance to property, lawn or landscaping
  • Installed in a day or less
  • No wait – can be installed year-round
  • Easily installed in areas with decks, landscaping or flowerbeds
  • Cost-effective – less cost than re-building foundation wall(s)
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Force

The Force is a patented system structural tension-loaded, steel I-beam system that is designed to straighten block or concrete walls over time. Not an alternative to The Reinforcer, The Force is recommended in more extreme cases where the bowing is in excess of 2-inches or the wall has severely shifted. Without excavation or homeowner assistance, The Force's unique I-beam/spring-coil design helps straighten walls over time. Unlike other bracket-based systems, The Force utilizes a tension-loaded spring design that supplies a constant 1000 pounds of force on the wall.


  • No excavation required
  • Self-sustaining
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance free
  • Straightens wall over time

The Reinforcer

The Reinforcer is a revolutionary new product from Nationwide Reinforcing, Ltd. designed to stabilize basement foundation walls using carbon fiber technology . This product counteracts outside pressure being placed on a wall by handling the tensile load that the mortar joints of a block wall cannot. The Reinforcer, "Thin as a Dime, Stronger than Steel" stops bowing walls.

Our Reinforcer system features:

  • Stop bowing walls
  • 10 times stronger than steel
  • Space age polymer
  • Carbon fiber material
  • Subtle appearance - virtually unnoticeable
  • Material is non-corrosive and non-flammable
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Non-invasive installation

2 force beams installed under back porch

The installers were very efficient and friendly. Good job! We will recommend your company to others.

Florence D.

Advanced Basement Solutions

Florence D.

The installers were very efficient and friendly. Good job! We will recommend your company to others.

Installed wall anchors

Thank you for responding so fast & fixing my problem. We are very pleased.

Ed G., Washington, PA

Advanced Basement Solutions

Ed G., Washington, PA

Thank you for responding so fast & fixing my problem. We are very pleased.

5 Wall Anchors placed in garage

All employees worked very hard and cleaned up. Thank you for a job well done.

John S., Bethel Park, PA

Advanced Basement Solutions

John S., Bethel Park, PA

All employees worked very hard and cleaned up. Thank you for a job well done.
Advanced Basement Solutions


Advanced Basement Track Record

Basement Steps
Wall Anchor Systems

Large National Company

  • High Pressure and Oversell/Upsell Sales Tactics
    Sales Personell try to upsell you services that are not needed during the sales visit and installation
  • Higher Costs and Overhead
    Franchise Fees, Corporate Overhead, and National Advertising Campaigns are added to the price of every job.
  • Sales Games "assembly line" type-service with Underqualified Customer Service
  • Phone Calls result in leaving messages.

Advanced Basement Solutions

  • Nationally Certified
    100% in-house staff to complete all of your projects
  • Fully Licensed and insured
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranties
  • Products made in USA
    We obtain products directly from manufactures who produce, test, and warranty the product locally – not products that are made to be cheap and don’t not last
  • Obtain All required permits
    We legally obtain permits to adhere to licensing and insurance essentially
  • Quality Installation in a reasonable timeframe
  • Award Winning Customer Service
    Quick, Friendly, Knoweledgeable staff
  • Fair and Reasonable Pricing


  • No warranty
  • Low quality products found at local hardware store
  • No licensing or permits, No insurance
  • Results: frustration, wasted time & money

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