Your Waterproofing Questions Answered

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Common Questions

Many of our customers call us as soon as they realize that they have leaks or moisture in their basements. If they've never experienced water leaks before or experience them every time our area gets a heavy downpour of rain, they usually have a lot of questions for us. They’re alarmed and upset, of course. We explain to them that there are very effective solutions to their water problem. Here’s a sampling of the questions that we often hear, as well as our solutions.

Basement Leak

Why Are There Leaks in My Basement?

There are several reasons why water is seeping into your basement. First, after years of the kind of freeze-thaw cycle that we get in Pittsburgh, tiny cracks in the walls of your home become larger. Also, the pressure of the water table underneath the ground will begin to force water from the ground to your home. Additionally, cracks in the exterior walls of your home can become filled with water from rain runoff. So when water enters your home, it has nowhere to go if there isn’t a drainage system.

Can Leaks and Moisture Cause Mold?

Yes, any dark and humid place in a home is an excellent place for mold to grow. Some molds that grow in basements with moisture problems are toxic and can cause health issues ranging from severe allergic reactions to breathing problems. Once leaks in your basement are fixed, homeowners can have mold removed.

What Kind of Treatments Are Available for Waterproofing in Pittsburgh and Surrounding areas?

There are several treatments that you can use to waterproof your basement.

  • Interior French Drains. Water seepage on the floor and low on the walls can be eliminated by an Interior French Drain system. This system channels water away from your home and a sump pump that pumps to rid the water coming into the basement through the floor and walls.
  • Wall Treatments. Some basement moisture and condensation problems can be fixed by using waterproofing panels, which cover your basement walls and seal the moisture away.
  • Roughcasting. A vapor barrier is attached to your basement walls, followed by mortar mix. After the roughcasting has cured, a French drain can be installed.

Water Is Seeping Into My Basement. What Should I Do?

First, call a Pittsburgh waterproofing company like Advanced Basement Systems. We will come to your home, evaluate your basement leaks, see where the leaks are coming from and why, and then we’ll tell you the best solutions to rid the water and moisture, permanently.

Advanced Basement Systems provide our Southwestern Pennsylvania’s waterproofing customers with a number of solutions to fix and protect your basement from moisture, and to keep water out after we have fixed your problem. Our solutions include using yard drains, driveways drains, French drains, sump pumps, and downspout lines. Call us today—we offer free inspections and 0% financing (Restrictions May Apply).