What Does Waterproofing Protect Against

Basement Mold

Waterproofing Protection

As a homeowner, thoughts of how to enhance the property value of your home, is always at the forefront of your mind. At the same time you must also consider renovations or mishaps that could actually decrease the value. For instance, if you were to suffer water damage in your basement or deterioration of your homes foundation, it will be hard to make a profit when you decide to sell your home. Therefore it is wise to consider waterproofing your basement prior to encountering such a problem.

Basement Waterproofing in Pittsburgh

Contrary to popular belief it does not take much water to cause major damage to your home. Damage can not only breakdown your home structurally but the buildup of mold can also affect air quality. The potential harm to property value is the least of your immediate concerns when you consider the astronomical cost you will endure when paying for repairs. So when you consider how much rain we get in the Pittsburgh area, even more than Seattle, you should not hesitate to waterproof your home. Consider the following items as some of the more prominent reasons to protect your basement.

  • The Foundation – Moisture can dramatically reduce the life expectancy of your foundation. If you have a wooden foundation too much water saturation can soften parts of the wood, which can then change it into a spongy texture. Do not think you are in the safe zone if you have a concrete foundation. Concrete foundations are not immune to water damage, as it is porous, and gradually moisture will cause it to whittle.
  • Mold – If you suffer from allergies or asthma then mold is not something you want to battle against. Emerging from moist and dark areas, your basement is the perfect environment to breed this hazard. It is also easily distributed throughout the rest of your home via the ventilation system.
  • Infestation – Most people do not want to deal with termites, insects or the various other bug populations that exist. Waterproofing the basement is one of the best ways to protect your home from such an invasion. We previously discussed spongy wood; well it is prone to attract certain insects as it is a delicacy for them. By waterproofing, you are cutting off a major food source and thus reducing the risk of an intrusion.

We hope by explaining some of the major risk of water damage we have encouraged you to make waterproofing your basement a priority. If you have any additional questions or are in need of solutions for you water damaged basement give Advanced Basement a call today.