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Home Foundation Repair
A long, cold winter and wet spring and summer has made many Pittsburgh homeowners’ basements a nightmare. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review recently published an article about the problems that people are having following three harsh seasons, and also talked to Advanced Basement Solutions about what homeowners can do to fix water and basement issues.

The water table in our area (this is the level where the soil is always filled with water) rose in the winter, and the downpours during a punishing spring/early summer made it rise even further. This water is now pressing against your home with nowhere to go but in. Plus, there is a lot of clay in the soil in the Pittsburgh area, which doesn’t allow rainwater to sink through the soil. Instead, it continues moving around the soil and clay until it hits a home or building foundation.

The water will stand there, against the wall, and as it freezes, it will form cracks in the wall’s foundation. Soon, water will enter a home’s basement, and the pressure of the water and the clay can also cause a home’s walls to bow.

Advanced Basement Solutions Are Waterproofing Experts

If your home has been getting water in your basement, or if you’ve noticed that your walls are starting to bow, called Advanced Basement Solutions for help.

  • Foundation Repair. Our foundation repair process is a simple solution that can be installed in less than a day, at any time of year, and without disturbing your property. We use the Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor System to both stabilize and secure your basement walls. No structural changes to your house are necessary!
  • Wall Treatments. If you have moisture or water problems, we can install special waterproofing wall panels that direct the water into a drainage system. These panels are sturdy and will last decades, without rotting or molding. We can also use roughcasting, which is a permanent solution for walls.
  • Basement Waterproofing. Our waterproofing solutions include both indoor and outdoor treatments. We can install French drains, sump pumps, yard drain, driveway drains, and downspout lines. All of our installation projects are done by certified professionals.

Call Advanced Basement Systems today if you’ve had problems for the past year with moisture in your basement, water that is gathering around your home’s foundation, or bowed walls. Your problems won’t go away on their own—let us help you keep your home dry and safe.