Reasons Your Foundation Has Cracks

foundation cracking

Why is my Foundation Cracking?

Cracks in the foundation of a home can have a huge impact on the structural integrity of your house. In addition to being unsightly, it can cause significant damage. This damage can be cause by various forces ranging from nature to construction. If any of the following causes have affected you, don’t wait to contact a trusted foundations repair expert like Advanced Basement Solutions.


Reasons that your foundation may have cracks include:

  1. Drought. Dry conditions can cause the soil around your foundation to shrink. This, in turn, causes the soil to pull away from the foundation creating a gap which allows for movement and shifting. This lack of support will cause cracks.
  2. Too Much Moisture. Also contributing to undue pressure on your foundation is soil that has absorbed too much moisture. This soil swells against the foundation of your house causing a higher degree of pressure and , again, cracking. Many sources can contribute to this condition. Plumbing leaks, surface water, a high water table, and extreme weather can all cause excessive moisture in the soil which leads to pressure and foundation damage. One unexpected contributor to moisture around your foundation is your gutters. Gutters that leak and cause excessive roof runoff can be just as damaging as anything else.
  3. Varying moisture levels in soil. If the soil around your house is made up of areas of heavy moist soil and also light dry soil, it can cause your house to settle in different ways. Some areas will feel pressure while other areas settle out and away towards the dry soil. This type of shifting occurs seasonally during the change of temperatures.
  4. Poor construction and preparation. If the foundation of your home was not prepared and compacted properly before building began, your house will most definitely shift and settle and this change in position is one of the major causes of foundation damage.
  5. Trees. Large trees growing too near to your house can cause foundation cracks when the roots grow underneath your foundation, reducing the moisture of the soil there and causing instability in the foundation.

If you notice any signs of foundation damage or cracks in the foundation of your home, either outside or in your basement, call the experts at Advanced Basement Solutions for an inspection and assessment of your needs. We will make sure that your home remains stable and safe for your family for generations to come.