How Water Infiltration Affects Your Basement Foundation

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Water Infiltration

Have you noticed your basement is wet in certain areas? Having water seep into your basement is not only a hassle to clean up, but it can also be a big concern. If you see water seepage foundation problems are to blame, you will need to find an expert that you can trust to inspect and advise of the cause and the next steps. Basement waterproofing services can solve your problem and prevent future problems and prevent additional foundation damage.


There are several concerns related to water seeping into your basement, from minor disturbances to major issues. The first is damage to your personal belongings. Even if a small amount of water is making its way into your basement, it can be enough to damage your personal items. Humidity can do damage to pictures or documents that you may be storing. Also, a water leakage that has not been properly corrected could result in mold or mildew build up on the drywall and other areas such as baseboards and carpets.

A major concern with water seeping into your basement is that over time it can create structural problems. If not caught early, this could equate into a greater expenses in the long run.

Another area of concern is a possible insect and rodent infestation because many insects being drawn in by the moisture that your basement provides.


Waterproofing professionals can help you locate the source of your wet basement problem. Having improperly working gutters and downspouts is one possible culprit, as well as the grade of soil around your foundation. The natural slope of the ground can also cause water to pool around your foundation. Due to this, water is infiltrated into the any cracks or chips that are present. This causes increased pressure on the structure, and it weakens over time.


Water proofing panels and rough casting: these are easy, cost effective solutions that can prevent condensation from accumulating on your walls.

French drains: this is a drainage solution trench that directs water away from your home.

Sump pump: a sump pump can be installed in your basement as a way to pump water out and away from your floor.

Dehumidifier maintain healthy humidity levels(Below 50-60%) to prevent mold growth.

The key to preventing serious problems is regular maintenance and inspection. You want to make sure that all of your gutters and downspouts are in good working order and that water is directed away from your home after rain. Increasing the length of your downspouts and directing them downhill, away from your property is also advised. Another solution is to create a 6 inch slope of dirt all around your property that reaches about ten feet away. If you don’t already have this type of slope keep in mind that digging and positioning the dirt can be a big job. If this is not something that you are not able to do yourself, consider a professional excavation service.