Waterproofing Your Basement: What Are the Benefits?

Flexi-Seal in a Crawl Space
If you’ve been waiting to waterproof your basement, it’s time to consider it. Upgrading your basement by waterproofing it is one of the cost-effective changes that you can make to your home.

Waterproofing Your Basement

Consider normal Pittsburgh weather: humid summers, rainy springs, cold winters. All of these can cause moisture problems in your basement, whether it’s completely underground or is built halfway into the ground with a walk-out area. The benefits of a waterproofed basement include:

  • Having a Water-Free Basement. Leaks from both the outside and inside of your home will be stopped. Without cracks that water can escape to, you’ll not only have no water in your basement, but you’ll also prevent existing cracks from widening during Westmoreland County’s long freeze-thaw cycle.
  • Cleaning the Air. Having a dry, waterproofed basement means that the air quality in your whole house will be better. With no mold or mildew to deal with, the air that’s exchanged between the basement and the upstairs will be fresher.
  • Preventing Foundation Problems. When ground water rises to a certain level following rain, it will begin to press upon your home’s foundation, possibly causing cracks in the floor and wall, which can be expensive to fix. Waterproofing can help fix these issues.
  • Eliminating Mold and Mildew. Without moisture entering your basement, you’ll be able to eliminate the favorable conditions that mildew and mold need to thrive. While mildew is smelly, it’s mold that is dangerous. The mold spores that enter the air can cause illness or make existing illnesses worse.
  • The First Step of a Remodel. Every basement that is being renovated must be waterproofed first to prevent leaks. If you get this service now, your basement will be ready to be finished now or in the future.
  • Fewer Bugs. Moist basements are a haven for all sorts of insects. With a dry area, you’ll have fewer pests in not only your basement, but in your whole house.


Advanced Basement Solution’s team of experts can ensure that your Pittsburgh basement will stay dry and comfortable. Call us today to find out how waterproofing can benefit you and your home.