Basement Flood Damage

Floor Damage Prevention

Just because the rainy season of fall is coming to end doesn’t mean you are out of the woods as far as flooding goes. Melting snow and ice can create puddles and draining water that has the opportunity to sneak in through your basement’s foundation. While melting snow is not the only culprit of flooding issues during the winter, it can be an unexpected source of flooding and foundation issues for homeowners.

Flood Damage

Homeowners need to take caution in the event of a flood. There are several adverse effects of flooding that can affect you, your family and your home. These include: electrical or foundation damage, and exposure or contact with harmful water. These problems can be devastating, but there are basement waterproofing and foundation repair specialists that can help assess and repair the damage.

Electrical Damage

If your basement has flooded and you are concerned that an outlet may be submerged or that your electrical panel has been exposed to moisture, it is crucial that you contact an electrician as soon as possible. Any electrical components that have been exposed to water are extremely dangerous and should be avoided by anyone that is not a trained professional. Do not attempt to enter the flooded area, as it is possible that the water is conducting electrical energy.

Foundation Damage

Foundation damage can occur when there are drainage issues around your home or due to plumbing leaks. Both of these issues may not be visible but still reap havoc on your home’s foundation. Over time leaks and floods can cause soil shifts which can damage your home’s foundation. If your home does not have proper drainage, such as the ground sloping away from your home, the water that results from melting snow can cause this type of shifting soil.

Exposure to Harmful Water

Standing water in your basement can be harmful to you and your family’s health. You could be subject to sewage, mold and mildew when dealing with leaks and floods. All of these can be harmful to your health and need to be properly cleaned by a reputable and professional restoration service. Once your home has been cleaned and restored, you will need to repair your foundation, as well as have preventative waterproofing measures completed to prevent future issues.

Remember, if your basement floods, be safe. Stay out of the flooded area and call a professional to help right away.

Advanced Basement can waterproof your home to prevent flooding and assess and repair foundation problems if a flood has occurred.