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Advanced Basement Solutions is proud to work with property owners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas to help resolve your interior and exterior water problems by providing a variety of drainage solutions that will fit your specific needs, like French Drains. We offer interior and exterior French Drain installation which helps direct the water away from your property. Our highly-trained staff is committed to giving you the solutions you need. To learn more about Advanced Basement Solutions and French Drains in Pittsburgh, contact us today.

Interior French Drains

Interior French Drains are the perfect solution for property owners experiencing repeated problems with a wet basement and water seepage entering the foundation both high and low and from under the floor. Interior Drains can not only control the water coming through the foundation, but also lower the water table from under your home making your basement drier and healthier. Interior Drains are typically a more cost effective and less intrusive method to control your water problems. In most cases, they carry a warranty as well. Although Interior Drains are a superior choice to have installed, there are many times that some type for external drain may be needed as well.

Exterior French Drains

Exterior French Drains can collect the water from below the ground and surface to help redirect the water to an area away from your home. This method helps prevent water from accumulating against your foundation. Accumulating water that sits along a foundation can add dampness, water damage, stress or even structural damage to your foundation. Although Exterior French Drains keep water away from the homes, they can be costly depending on the type of Exterior Drain needed. We offer several different types of these Drains and some of them are installed in conjunction with Internal Drains. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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