Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing is an important preventative measure to keep water from entering into your home’s basement or crawl space area. Unlike interior methods that control water that enters your home, exterior waterproofing works to prevent water from entering in the first place.


How Water Enters From the Exterior

Typically, exterior waterproofing is most effective in helping water issues coming high on the basement walls. The soil around your home swells and contracts depending on the moisture level. This swelling and contracting can cause instability which leads to shifts and/or cracks in your basement’s foundation. Cracks can then allow water to enter your home. Not all cracks are visible and an added concern is that moisture and condensation buildup can also cause havoc to your home’s basement even if there are no cracks in your foundation. This happens due to the porous nature of the concrete itself which is not a good deterrent for moisture.

In fact, 60% of homes today have moisture problems, which is why waterproofing is so important.

Methods of Waterproofing

  • Prevent Damage
  • Add Value
  • Increase Resale Value
  • Peace of Mind

Basement Waterproofing Advantages

  • Minimal Disruption
  • Minimal Excavation

There are several methods of exterior waterproofing. Advanced Basement’s techniques work to minimize the disruption to not only the landscaping, but also to the homeowner and the community as well. Advanced Basement does not use heavy equipment when completing exterior waterproofing projects. In fact, the average depth of excavation needed to effectively waterproof is only around eighteen inches.

Subsoil Drainage

Yard Drains (French Drains): French drains can not only be installed inside the basement of your home, but they can also be installed on the outside of your home. Exterior French drains simply direct water away from your home which prevents subsurface water from accumulating and adding stress to your foundation causing it to become weak and even cracked. Yard drains are easily and quickly installed by an experienced waterproofing expert and will cause minimal disruption to your lawn and landscape.

Driveway Drains: Driveway drains are another type of drainage, but vary in the fact that they are installed in a driveway. They serve the same purpose as a yard drain by directing water away from the home and towards a drainage area. Driveway drains have metal grates that keep debris, such as leaves and sticks from clogging the drainage pathway. Depending on the path of the water, a driveway drain can be a great, attractive solution to prevent flooding and water damage to the home.

Downspout Lines: Downspout lines or downspout drains connect directly to your home’s downspout and direct water away from the home. If gutters and downspouts are overworked or inadequate for the amount of rainfall, then water will begin to accumulate in one or more areas of the soil causing swelling. This swelling of the soil can affect the stability of the home’s foundation and cause damage. In addition, the subsurface or surface water present may be able to slip in to the foundation through cracks which will cause interior flooding. Installing a downspout line is one preventative option a homeowner can take to prevent water seepage into the home and costly foundation damage. Downspout lines are easy to install and like other exterior waterproofing methods, cause minimal disruption to your home’s yard and landscaping.


If you are in need of an exterior waterproofing solution in the Pittsburgh or the surrounding area, contact Advanced Basement Solutions. Our team of experts can help assess your needs and find a solution to protect your home from flooding and structural damage.


Wider sump pump and put in bigger bucket, run pipe from down spouts away from foundation and run off water away from house.

They came on time, were very friendly. Did the work quickly and efficiently and showed me the results for my approval. Would definitely use again!

Mildred E., Allison Park, PA

Advanced Basement Solutions

Mildred E., Allison Park, PA

They came on time, were very friendly. Did the work quickly and efficiently and showed me the results for my approval. Would definitely use again!

Waterproof basement – install interior french drains, sump pump, trench downspout & discharge pipe.

work was performed on time – workers were professional – would recommend your company

Allan H., Elizabeth, PA

Advanced Basement Solutions

Allan H., Elizabeth, PA

work was performed on time – workers were professional – would recommend your company

French Drain

I was very impressed with the politeness and professionalism of everyone who worked at my house.

Myra M., Whitehall, PA

Advanced Basement Solutions

Myra M., Whitehall, PA

I was very impressed with the politeness and professionalism of everyone who worked at my house.
Advanced Basement Solutions


Large National Company

  • High Pressure and Oversell/Upsell Sales Tactics
    Sales Personell try to upsell you services that are not needed during the sales visit and installation
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    Franchise Fees, Corporate Overhead, and National Advertising Campaigns are added to the price of every job.
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Advanced Basement Solutions

  • Nationally Certified
    100% in-house staff to complete all of your projects
  • Fully Licensed and insured
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranties
  • Products made in USA
    We obtain products directly from manufactures who produce, test, and warranty the product locally – not products that are made to be cheap and don’t not last
  • Obtain All required permits
    We legally obtain permits to adhere to licensing and insurance essentially
  • Quality Installation in a reasonable timeframe
  • Award Winning Customer Service
    Quick, Friendly, Knoweledgeable staff
  • Fair and Reasonable Pricing


  • No warranty
  • Low quality products found at local hardware store
  • No licensing or permits, No insurance
  • Results: frustration, wasted time & money

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